Back in August 2017 – Press release

Brecon Jazz Festival 2017
A recent meeting convened by Brecon Town Council at The Guildhall gave the go-ahead to a group of local promoters and jazz supporters to take a lead in organising Brecon Jazz Festival 2017. Lastmark Music Ltd, with Brecon Jazz Club; Porthcawl Jazz Festival and marketing agency EPM Creative, will start the ball rolling. But we are also putting a call out for others to come on board.
The team has agreed that over the next weeks, contacts with venues, owners/managers, and interested parties will be made, as well as pursuing arrangements for street closures for the Jazz Weekend. Also, programming and activity proposals will pursue the themes identified by the group for this year, of Collaboration, Participation and Inclusion.
The Festival weekend this year will be Friday-Sunday 11-13th August’.
We think we will only be able to make it happen this year and for it to become bigger and better for the future with strong community involvement. There are likely to be less major grants this time, so we are inviting the people of Brecon and others to be part of this; to work with us. We request involvement and where possible sponsorship too.
‘The team’s vision for this year is not only to keep and develop the unique atmosphere of past Brecon Jazz festivals, but to build on this, with new and exciting performers. There will be high quality jazz to listen to and even one or two headlines, with plenty of music in town including street bands and acts. We want to have market stalls with local traders putting on a full range of products and entertainment for the many visitors we want to bring to town for the weekend’ .
‘Whatever your role and involvement in Brecon Jazz, as businesses, venues, local residents and people who care about the future of The Brecon Jazz Festival and the Fringe Festival, we invite you to contact us and to discuss how we can promote it and make it work’.
‘Last year the organisers of Brecon Jazz Club, had large numbers of individual volunteers coming forward to help promote the Festival and make it happen. We invite those volunteers to come forward again.’
‘Brecon Jazz Festival is an incredible international brand. We know there is a lot of support for it locally, nationally and wider, and the town and music community must not lose this valuable asset’.

At this stage, we ask that you contact us through:
Tel. No.: +44 1874 611924,
One of our initial steering group will contact you back as soon as possible.

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